How to use GameCIH to Hack Android Games


Are you a Passionate Gamer or probably spending lots of time for getting decent scores or win a mission. Almost everybody love to play games since our childhood, i think so game haters not in this nifty world. However, sometimes getting high scores could be tiny annoying due to game’s difficult stage and time-consuming. Let change the gaming state with doing something tricky. Are you wish to know? it is fairly simple to carry out by an app called GAMECIH that mainly changes game’s values with some techniques. Start reading that absolutely easy tutorial to hack Android games now.


Updated: How to hack android games without root access

Whoo… Score has changed.


Now you will try cheating almost all android with doing nothing.

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20 Responses

  1. Jose Frank Aracena Baret says:

    What’s the link of the app

  2. Sojk says:

    How can I hack V live

  3. vikas kumar says:

    can i hack clash of clans??

  4. thanks for sharing this apps. i use gameCIH for hack mario parody 😀

  5. Pinky Luigi says:

    Follow this link to the website where you can find many working game hacks, i tried all and they are safe.

  6. Sebas says:

    Hi it says that system denies root but I am rotted???? I need help please!!!

  7. ft says:

    It doesn’t work A last of games because they change name and change value for gold score etc. Is there any app for a new system?

  8. Chuks says:

    System deny to root is what I get. Please I need help.

  9. I am coming to my topic that is how to hack android games lets start Here step by step procedure to hack any android games which you want using gamecih application. Follow these simple steps carefully.

  10. This is nice app now my coins are of maximum

  11. Kyle says:

    Whenever I try to set a hotkey, no matter what button it is, it just exits out.

  12. not a real says:

    gamecih has been dead for a few years unless you have a device below 4.2 then it may work

  13. paul says:

    My device is rooted and i have granted the access to Gamecih but it says that system deny to root….what do i do dammit.

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