How to Root or Unroot Android Using Framaroot in 10 Seconds

Now rooting android smartphones and tablets are quite easy because of framaroot app. Rooting is an internal process that efficiently unlock the operating system restrictions and granting full authorization to device.

Rooted android device can do whatever, predominantly deleting pre-installed or stock applications, update the ROM, you can do complete backup and restore your device. before you have start rooting any Android devices beware of that, it will voids your warranty. In this way, rooting is easy as like as Unrooting. So let’s start reading the complete guide on how to root or unroot android quickly.

What is Framaroot?


Framaroot is a free rooting Android app, It’s purpose is to rooting almost all android devices with one click. However, this is not available on Google play store what if? you will download it precisely from here, to do this you have to complete small online survey on their website.

If you’re too busy or don’t want to complete online surveys, DOWNLOADED HERE the latest version of framaroot without completing any online surveys. It is one of the easiest and fastest way to rooting android without help of computer. To check out list of framaroot compatibility devices here. [It is necessary, if your device didn’t mention you cannot root / unroot your device by using this app]


  • Framaroot (site): performs root/unroot operation with one click.
  • Root checker: A free app to check out the device rooted or not. (or) Download any root checking android app if not have already.
    [This not necessary, to checkout only the device is properly rooted or not]

Note: Before you have install downloaded .apk file from your phone, force stop or uninstall Antivirus Android apps like Avast, Lookout because of it does not allow the Installation for these kind of apps.

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Root Android with One Click

After that Install and open framaroot, you have to specify execution type, select any one from following ‘Install SuperSu‘ or ‘Execute script /sdcard/custom‘ from framaroot app. By default execution is in ‘Install superSU’.


You will see some exploit character from following figure, select any one of the exploit execution. Once the exploit execution has been successfully completed, promptly pop up window will open and ask you to reboot. You’re done, rooted your device successfully. Whether it is fails to root try with another exploit character too.

Now, if wanna know your device rooted properly check using Root checker or any root checking apps.

Method 1: Unroot Android Completely


To unroot your device, select ‘Unroot‘ instead of another execution and do the same steps, above explained. You will see the pop up screen, you’ve completely unrooted your android device.

Method 2: Unrooting

Here I discussed my conventional and crystal clear way of unrooting almost all android smart phone. Take a look at here.

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43 Responses

  1. Root Android says:

    Thank You So much Bro

  2. Vaisakh says:

    Anyone knows to root lenovo a1010a20 A plus Android 5.1?please help

  3. diamond aris says:

    it seems framaroot is nt wrkin wit my fon tecno p9 pls sugest root apk dat i fan use

  4. Framaroot says:

    Thank you for this awesome post. Loving it totally. 😉

  5. ervim says:

    it there’s any way to root my telego version 2.2 ??

  6. TAH YUO LI says:

    how to root samsung note 3 and i already have lucky patcher but cannot use? please help me ASAP

  7. Mikey95 says:

    Is Framaroot capable of not tripping a Knox Counter?

    • Menon Jats says:

      If you use framaroot, unfortunately you will be trapped in knox counter.

      • Mikey95 says:

        Thanks, its just in the past im not sure whether its the tripped counter or the effects of the rom when rooted because multiple times ive been unable to connect with google play or gmail for instance; so im trying to figure that one out.

  8. Jabu Tingz says:

    how can I root Samsung S4

  9. Vinod says:

    How root my galaxy j3( sm320f )Indian verson

  10. Jahskid D posh says:

    I did it… how can i check if its rooted? any app dat can do that 4 me?

  11. Thank You! It worked simply superb.

  12. vinay says:

    my mobile is xolo q1010i and farmaroot is showing “failed:-( … try another exploit if available (error #9)”
    help me….after using three options brings the sam dialog box… help me

  13. jatin chhabra says:

    are yr ye to chl hi ni ra…. ye to show kr h ki fail try another exploit error#6…help kr…

  14. Gilbert Hurt says:

    Those this methods supports SONY Xperia device? I have SONY Xperia M5 and i recently tried this rooting Search4Roots ( and i believe the current version still not support my devices i wonder is this methods you mention above can do the rooting with my devices? Please let me know.

  15. purushottam says:

    My Samsung galaxy star pro is’nt rooting with farmaroot or any one click rooting app on my device
    after install the farmaroot i opened this app it says that ‘your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in farmaroot’.
    please tell me what to do now..?
    please reply…fast

  16. Vimal gupta says:

    it shows me only one option (Aragorn)
    when I clicked on it it shows me an error
    (failed try another xploit if available (Error#6))
    when I chose other options like.
    1) install superUS
    2) unroot
    3)Execute script sdcard/custom

  17. honey says:

    When me opened this app like say farmaroot a window opened on my Android screen
    Written these lines(check vulnerabilities)
    Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in farmaroot.
    What is solution about this??
    My android is lollypop 5.0

  18. vikas says:

    when iam opened framaroot it says unfortunately framaroot has been stopped

  19. hari says:


  20. hari says:


  21. kynt says:

    Why I can’t reboot?
    .the exploit didn’t appear.

  22. kush methaniya says:

    After using this app i am feeling good that i root my tablet

  23. Hey it didn’t work on my Samsung galaxy star advance. Say didn’t find system vulnerability. Do some thing now!!!!!!!

  24. It’s the easiest method using Framaroot to obtain root access as far as I know.

  25. Daniel says:

    Framaroot isn’t working on my device (Alcatel A845L) when selecting ‘Install SuperSu.’ If I want to select ‘Execute script /sdcard/custom’ then what exactly do I have to do? Do I have to create a custom script to execute? I’m not even entirely sure I’m asking the right questions here as I am new to rooting. I’ve never had much in life… The last home PC we had was an HP running windows 95 which is now displayed in our back yard museum of lawn tools, junk, dust, etc. So please excuse my ignorance but I’d really like to root my phone mainly because it sucks balls.

  26. Aqeel says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

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