5 Awesome Hacking Android Apps You Should Not Miss

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Everybody love to use android because of most desirable mobile operating system in this nifty world. Where number of new or old applications being used by us for various purposes, what about hacking. Its apps repository has filled with great collection of apps, so maybe finding best hacking apps is a bit tough. Although Some best features apps available out of Google Play Store. Here i explored some dangerous hacking android apps for power users. Ensure that use it for knowing purpose only.


It is a Trojan to remotely access files, programs, messages, call logs, contacts and so on your android phones. This remote administration tool developed as university project, major purpose of this app is remotely master android file system.


It does similar action considerably like firesheep extension, Session hijacking. When you're in public network with your friends and DroidSheep is turned on you can easily spy them. Especially it has dual purpose one is for security analysis of networks and another is for capturing high-profile accounts such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and so. Nevertheless, you cannot download this app due to Germany strict laws against Hacking-Tools. What if? It is open source and its source code available on Google code.


Hackode is a simple android application called as The Hacker's Toolbox, but which is still in beta version. It allows you to perform task through several modules such as Reconnaissance, scanning, exploit, security feed. Using reconnaissance you can find out vulnerable sites on Google. Exploit module is still in construction. Scanning used to find basic information about a specific sites.

Network Spoofer

It is a another malicious app to control a computer from your android phone. It allows you to do some prank to your friend's computer such as flip text and pictures to upside down, redirect websites and it has more fun features. If your device haven't root access you cannot use this app.


It is a WordPress vulnerability security scanner app to discover vulnerable WordPress site on web. You can find out flaws of a site that installed WordPress as blogging platform and used to analyze WordPress version, themes, plugins, Enumeration of users, timthumbs file.

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