The Unethical Ways to Access Blocked Sites Instantly

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 Did you got frustrated because of common web restrictions and struggling to access blocked sites. Mostly probably student or employee facing this type of challenges in every single day. Many colleges or offices are stop accessing various social networks may be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and etc for some reasons. This is not a unusual moment But you want to access any one of those sites or all of them. I guarantee you will bypass Web restrictions after you reading this full post.


Ultrasurf is a well known and free proxy tool for access blocked sites and keeping user's Internet privacy, this tool using by millions of peoples over 180 countries. Predominantly it conceal data transfer from seen by third party applications, though ultrasurf is free til now. My favorite feature of this app is portable version so you don’t need to install it in your college/ work place. Download ultrasurf from right here.


Tor is acronym for The Onion Router, a free tool used to protect your online identity. It is specially designed to make anonymity from government agencies and corporations. You can able to Download tor for free. And this is too better for get tor as browser, no need for additional configuration simply download and use.

Web Proxy Servers

Proxy Servers are act like a intermediate system between a client & server architecture. Proxy servers are most often used for keeping anonymity and security. I suggest you to few reliable and free proxy server for access blocked sites from your workplace or anywhere.




I hope all of them will help to kick off your paywalls.

IP address instead of url

If you organization using small restrictions, able to broke it easily. This not for work huge restrictions. They are may blocking list of Urls not IP address, if you found out that try will use this. When you have basic web restrictions in your region, can use that technique to overcome them. Generally it take few minutes let start run command on Windows PC then type NSLOOKUP into command box. It comes with black screen similar to command prompt Window. Type NSLOOKUP and enter your site blocked by web restriction. Copy any one of the IP address listed. Put the IP address to the your browser.

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