How to use Orbot with Tor on Android (Anonymous Browsing)

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Whenever you connect to a site from your smart phones or desktops there is always possibilities exists to spying you that such as Government, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and etc. Whether you connected to internet at Airport or public places via WiFi they can obviously watch your browsing history and sites what you have accessed. Therefore lets say privacy is mandatory, to avoid those vulnerabilities you can use proxy servers (Anonymous Browsing) or any third-party android applications. But in android phones you can try an app called Orbot: Proxy with Tor (belongs to Tor), you might heard about TOR - Onion Router it facilitates TOR network to browse anonymously for android device as well as desktop. It works smartly and folds your anonymity from who watching you.

What is Orbot & how it works

A free app made for Google android smartphones to hide your location and prevents from internet surveillance. It creates proxy network whenever you connect to this, it encrypts your internet traffic. You can further understand clearly how tor works from these following info-graphics.


how tor works 1

how tor works 2

how tor works 3

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Staying Anonymous With Orbot

Now staying anonymous would become more easy after the first occurrence of Orbot. Go-ahead and download both Orbot: Proxy with Tor and Orweb: Private Web Browser from Google play store, available for free. Rooted android users can only unlock more accessibility features, here's learn how to root android. You may ask why should download two apps, because Orbot : proxy tor with TOR lets allow other apps to use Tor network to hide your place, for instance whether your device not rooted some apps may expose your location. So you should use Orweb:Private Web Browser (created by Tor) to protects your anonymity.



orbot configuration


After installation of Orbot you should properly configure a little bit. If not already gave root permission open settings under general section tick on Request Root Access on click it requires super user permission grant to enable transparent proxy. In transparent proxyfying section, tick Tor everything option for all apps go through Tor's local proxy. If you need you can optionally allow several apps into proxy traffic. Tor tethering property enables some extra feature such as sharing Tor's local proxy to USB tethered and WiFi devices also. To automatically apply torifying proxy for all or selected apps select transparent proxying. Depending upon your needs configure settings additionally. Once fully customized navigate to check browser to check your browser, if configured properly you might see success message such as configured properly.


orweb browser


Once all process has completed run the Orweb browser to browse anonymously. It much like incognito tab in Mozilla and Chrome browsers not store anything about your browsing habits. Note: Due to connection come over proxy network, internet speed might cut than regular.

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