How to Use App Master to Uninstall Stock Apps from Android Device

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 Android is a popular operating system has good user interface and features, that comes with few built-in apps. However you might think some of them are useless but only need is root access to uninstall pre-installed core apps from your device, learn that how to root android quickly via my past guide. Uninstalling unwanted apps bring you fewer free space and may even fast a device.

Uninstall Stock Apps

Ensure that you have App master Android app if not? Install it from Google play store for free if you need extra features than usual upgrade to pro version. If you have already Rooted your phone you have saved time. In this way rooting is essential otherwise cannot do.


  • Rooted Android device
  • App Master

Application Features:

  • batch install apps.
  • Batch uninstall apps.
  • Freeze and unfreeze apps.
  • Able to change recycle bin path.

Now launch app master then navigate to System Apps existing beside User Apps in Settings. You will see list of system apps. Select apps you want to delete or uninstall by taping above the app. Once you marked unnecessary app now is the time to uninstall, click on uninstall button to execute. Immediately Pop up window will open and ask for confirming, click that check box Move to Recycle Bin for those you need on future. I always recommend you to place those apps on recycle bin because some of them are essential to your device. Deleting default launcher may turn to bricked device, so before deleting important app think what you're doing. And you will revert the uninstalled core apps uninstall action from Recycle Bin. That's cool..

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