10 Must Have Apps for Newly Rooted Android Phone

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 You just finished rooting your phone, after that you may think what's next. Prominently phone rooting is for adding extra accessibility features to your smart phone. Android is a fascinating mobile operating system has millions of applications at Google play store, where most best features apps must root permission. If you haven't rooted your device check out - how to root or unroot android using Framaroot in 10 Seconds. Frustrated with android's default customization, now is the time to unlock many advanced features. Here are some of the essential apps for rooted android phone.


Are you struggling with your phone battery power, this app is precisely made for you. You might noticed that more draining battery after installed lots of apps, yup it's true. Greenify perfectly help you to stop all apps which running behind. Guide to set up greenify - effective android app to upgrade your smart phone battery life. It offers accessibility service to hibernating running apps  automatically, saves time.

ClockworkMod (CWM)

A must have android app developed by Koushik "Koush" Dutta. Facilitates flashing new ROM, backup entire device, quick boot. Quite easy to use, once installed trigger boot loader by some phone button (differ based on every device) for install custom ROM.

Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP)

Flashing custom ROM became quite easy after it first appeared, its useful features are wiping device, backup and restore ROM. If you chanced your mind while backing up your ROM able to abort the process. TWRP offers option to store your backup to either to internal or external storage.

App Master

Formerly know as Uninstall Master (Uninstaller), basically used to uninstall pre-installed applications on your device. It offers best features with your device such as batch uninstall, force move the app into SD card, displays auto start apps and boot up time, disabling auto start app and extra fun features. Check out how to use app master to uninstall Stock apps from android device.


Whenever some apps needed root permission automatically granted by default, device doesn't even notify you about it. SuperSu holds access rights for all apps. This app provides option to manage root permission, complete unroot, temporary unroot, view access log and etc.

Xposed Installer

It is an installer of Xposed framework, used to change the system behavior without installing custom ROM. Good accessibility feature of this app is reverting to previous state after all changes made to system. You can add more feature such as add some option to power menu, disable volume warning, OK Google recognition for third-party applications and many more.

Root Explorer

Access whole private files what inside android's file system, its features include built-in text editor, handle file system with multiple tab, Rar, zip or tar/gzip files extractor, XML viewer and more.


Want to hack almost any android games, it is specifically designed for you. GameCIH is a well-known hacking tool available for free, if you first heard about this app from this article, must read this - how to use gamecih to hack android games.

Mac Address Ghost

This app temporarily change the Mac address, automatically revert to previous Mac address after you turn off WiFi. Ability to save your Mac address as profile access anytime when you need.

DiskDigger Pro

Powerful tool to data recovery, undeleted your deleted files including images, videos, documents and more from both internal memory or SD card. It's free version available at playstore.

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