Useful Websites to Become a Computer Programmer Faster

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 Programming is a lot of fun and exciting thing, most of the people think that is daunting, but this is entirely false. coding is nightmare until you understand it. According to the History Ada Lovelace ( student of Charles Babbage ) was the first programmer. Great computer programmers like Bill Gates - created Microsoft , Mark Zuckerberg - created Facebook, who have devoted their life to programming, so they are achieved in programming. If you have huge passion about programming you can learn it quickly. Here are useful websites to learning programming that will help to do that easily.


image Codecademy is an awesome websites for beginners and advanced users that offers class of Python, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML for free. That brings free courses, how to code. This is full of education and implementing website. No need for download any other software it offers free online editor to do compilation at this website.


image A good E-learning platform to Start learning programming, gives great opportunity to create projects. It's amazing app available free for Both Android and Apple Download it from Google play store and iTunes. You will able to know development and get verified certificate from Udacity after completing the courses. Sign up on the Udacity website, choose your course and start programming journey.


image It is a another well-known website that covers topic such as sql, PHP, asp,, Html, xhtml, css, xxl and much more. That offers online Web tutorials and references for especially both beginners and experts, readers can able create and execute coding on website's online editor.

Khan Academy

A free education websites for everyone and accessible by anywhere. At the year of 2013 were used by 10 millions users. [ Image Credits: regan_parks ]

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