The Best Plugins to Increase Your WordPress Security

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 Whether you manage WordPress site, Security is one of the important thing. This is builded with PHP and database,  so there are many choices to hack WordPress. Fortunately, WordPress is the good blogging platform also having almost thousands of security plug-ins, so you don't need afraid of hackers. Check out the best plugins here.

Exploit Scanner

It is one of the must have plugin for webmasters. That effectively scan malicious code that are presented in files and database.

WordPress Sentinel

It provides essential security to WordPress tracks files on every installation, if any files are changed that inform to administrator . It checks all files include plugins, themes, WordPress core files. If any changes are made then notify to which files and when are changed. Which doesn't prevent from by anonymous but only it notify to administer.


Automattic Kismet is a spam filtering WordPress plugin developed by Automattic, Matt Muhlenberg, founder of automattic. It keeps eye on every comments and automatically filter spam comments. This plugin available in both paid and free version. You need API key to activate this plugin. Key are free for every Individual blog, click to get API key.

Limit Login Attempts

Especially this plugin is designed for limit specific amount of login attempt for each IP Address , probably it annoying for hackers. It protect your website from brute force attack completely or almost. If someone try to get access to your website without knowing your password they will locked amount of time as you specified.  

Google Authenticator

Are you aware of WordPress security, use Google Authenticator will offer good set of protection. To enable this features install and activate Google Authenticator plugin in your WordPress dashboard then download and install Google Authenticator app on your smartphone (app available for Android/iPhone/Blackberry). You can login to WordPress after entering Authenticator code.

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