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Quick fix: cannot add self-hosted blog to WordPress app

WordPress, 54 secs Read, 2 years ago

cannot add self-hosted blog Most probably, peoples are facing common problem with WordPress's android or IOS app that cannot add self-hosted blog into app. It is really really awkward moment when you can access your blog from mobile app. Me also caught on the same trap, whoo! Then i found a thread on WordPress forum that is eventually saved my time. This problem occurs due to some restrictions. Actually XML-RPC API plays a great between app and WordPress, it let us do some operation like publish post, delete comment etc. According to Wikipedia "XML-RPC is a remote procedure call (RPC) protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism." The login problem from WordPress app is occurs when cannot communicate with the API. Where by the quick fix is you need to disable the XML-RPC temporarily. You can contact your hosting provider then ask them to disable the XML-RPC. Once the login problem solved you must re-enable XML-RPC. Because many possible ways are available to hack your site if XML-RPC is disabled. So keep aware of this API. Happy Blogging. :)

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