How to Solve When Cannot Open Play Store or Closes Itself

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 Sometimes you cannot open Play Store cause of unfortunately crashing, inaccessible or closes immediately when you launch. It is most awkward moment, we cannot download and update any apps from PlayStore. Probably it occurs on rooted Android device than non rooted phone. This is a well-known issue but not unresolvable. So before resetting your phone take time to read this guide, I hope it will certainly help you to fix your issue.

Wipe Data/Cache for PlayStore and Google Services Framework

image The app cache temporarily holds old results to quick access. Clearing app cache will revoke your cached information from app. Run Play store and Google services framework dynamically then navigate to app info, Now clear data and empty cache of play store app to do so Press that clear data and clear cache from app Info in Google Play Store. After that clear cache and data for Google Services Framework, you're done. It definitely work like a charm.

Uninstall Updates

image Even new updates may void your play store, Uninstall updates from Google Play Store to go back to original version had installed when you bought phone. Now try with old version or Once you have finished then reinstall fresh Google Play Store update. Connect your device with Internet, before connect to network make sure date and time are correctly because of play store require that, Now launch your play store.

Enable necessary apps

If you have disabled Google services or its related apps this problem may occur, to fix it enable the following applications if not already enabled on your device.

  • Downloads
  • Download Manager
  • Google Account Manager
  • Google Services Framework

After you enabled those apps launch play store your problem got solved.

Final Thoughts

If those methods are not working perfectly contact customer service or reset your phone. Before you reset, keep a backup of your phone. photo via androidcentral

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