Change Your Mac Address in Next 2 Minutes [Windows]

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 Each network device has unique identifier called as MAC Address assigned on network adapter when those devices are made at the factory. There are various reasons why you need to hide your MAC Address. One of the main reason is once your MAC address is exposed anyone can follow you & listen to your connection. So changing your MAC(Media Access Control) address   protects you from anonymous tracking & also hacking.In some case your computer’s MAC address might be blacklisted by network admin for various reasons so you can easily bypass those restrictions by changing your MAC address which will not take more than 2 minutes. Let us talk bit more about MAC address and all other stuffs related to it. Basically It’s a 12 digit fixed hexadecimal number assigned to every network device. You can learn more about  what is MAC address.

Find out your Mac address

Tap Windows + R buttons simultaneously to bring up run command (this is applicable for any version of Windows) and type cmd inside text box and enter. In the command prompt type the following command getmac /v /fo list Find out MAC address When you enter that command you would see the details of network connection then you need to look for physical address of  Wireless Network Adapter (if you use WiFi to connect to the network) else  Local Area Network. You can either note it manually or take a screen shot of it by pressing Windows + PrintSrc (Windows or above)

Change Your MAC Address on Windows

Step 1: Start control panel, and navigate to system and security >> system then access device manager on left side of control panel. Network Address Step 2: Now click on network adapter section and expand it, here you can see a list of network interface installed on your computer. Wireless Network Adapter Step 3: To view its properties by right clicking above on the network adapter. Step 4: Select advanced tab then navigate to network address entry. By default it set to not present, toggle radio button to value string box then enter desired new Mac address (such as, 1A2B3C4D5E6F). Don't need to add dashes between the New address. Change MAC address Step 5: Restart your computer to changes take an effect. Now find out the renamed Mac address using method explained above. Another way, instead of trying all this steps you can spoof the MAC address easily, with the help of these Windows programs Technitium MAC Address Changer, SMAC, Macshift

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