Change your WordPress username without plugins

WordPress, 1 min, 9 secs Read, 5 years ago
wordpress username Most probably you want to change  WordPress username for security reason or misspelled username. It is mandatory for struggling against brute force attack towards your admin login. Unfortunately WordPress didn't offer any option to explicitly change existing username. Even though you can change it either directly modifying database or using a plugin. To do so easily, you don't have to hesitate to tweaking the database.

Change WordPress username

Take a backup of your database when you want to make changes on it, highly recommended. Have a quick look on how to back up WordPress database. You should a bit care while changing WordPress username in phpMyAdmin. wordpress username Now you should log in to cpanel, after successful login find for database section where your phpMyAdmin resides. Open it you can list of database stored. Don't worry if you forgot your database name, database credentials stored in wp-config.php file see the screen shot for further information. mysql-database Now you found your database name, then select database. Database prefix will differ depending on configuration, default is wp_ don't confuse with database prefix. wordpress-username Select users table you can ID, user_login, user_pass etc. Don't edit anything unless you aware of it. I expect you noticed that your username located under user_login yep this is your name, change it to anything unpredictable for whom unauthorized users. Because it might prevent from caught on brute force login attempts.

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