How to check the outbound links of your site

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You may ask why should I know the outbound links of my site. This post is for two kind of Peoples who want to know what is outgoing link and who want to find the ongoing links of a site. And the answer in single line, ongoing link is a link that point to another site(s). You probably wonder how search engines sees outbound links, Keep in mind if you point a link to another site that is a poor site, it will affect your reputation whereas link or recommendation to good site will boost your trust for both visitors and search engines. In other words, it is one of onsite optimizations. Always check your outbound links to find broken links and try to fix it, that is good.

Check the outbound links

 Believefast is my another website, the above is a real-time example of outbound link. You may noticed I've added rel attribute in anchor tag, rel=”nofollow” actually it tells search engines that don't crawl the link.

Outbound Links Checker Tool

This is a tool developed by searchenginegenie to check outbound and inbound links of a site, shows tops 10 outbound of your site. It allows you to find out numbers of unbound links of a site. Outbound-Links-Checker-Tool  

Site Link Analyzer

Site Link Analyzer  is developed by seochat. It is a another great tool for finding inbound links and outbound links with or without no follow. unlike another tools it fetch link's associated anchor text. Outbound link analyzer


Scrapebox - Outbound Link Checker Addon is an awesome tool, it is specialized for internal and external link checking. You can check internal and external links for bulk URLs at a time. It has many features on this tool such as sorting, filtering columns and you can save all results as CSV, XLS.

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