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Goodbye WhatsApp: How to Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently

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WhatsApp messenger has thoroughly replaced SMS and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS or PXT) in 21th century, all of us will agree this. The crucial reason is bypassed carrier charges and eliminated limitations. In spite of the fact that you may suddenly like to delete WhatsApp for some reasons. Are you really sure want to delete WhatsApp? probably many peoples at least once thought of deleting WhatsApp messenger even me. When you decide to stay focused on what you want, you might turn off all of your social networks. Is WhatsApp and Facebook swallowing our precious time, indeed this post not will be answer of this question. Instead this is a guide to delete whatsapp when you don't need this. Before you delete WhatsApp account you should think twice because you cannot revert it.


Caution: when you delete WhatsApp you will loss

  • Your WhatsApp account will be permanently deleted, this process is irreversible where by you won't regain access to the same account.
  • All of your conversation
  • You will be deleted from WhatsApp groups
  • Your Google drive backups


Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently

This method is same for both android and IOS Apps.

Step 1: On top right corner of the screen, click 3 dots to open up the quick list. In this menu select settings option.

Step 2: You should go to account option to deleting your account

Step 3: Inside the account settings, you can see "Delete my account" option, choose it to initiate deletion process.


Delete WhatsApp

Step 4: You will asked to confirm your associated country code and phone number, upon click on "DELETE MY ACCOUNT" button your account will be successfully deleted from WhatsApp.


Delete WhatsApp

Finally you will see the success response from WhatsApp


Delete WhatsApp

Even though you terminated your account, WhatsApp will preserver you account information for legal purpose. Your account information linked with other Facebook companies also be deleted .


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