How to download Movie Subtitles on android

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We use smart phone for everything, predominantly playing games, watching movies, videos, browsing and etc... In an android device movies download is pretty simpler. Probably many people wish to watch movies with subtitles. You may anticipate subtitles for better understanding of words or when watching movies in different languages. But most movies what we have is without subtitles. You can use GMT Subtitles to download movie subtitles very easily. Do you know subtitle download for specific movie takes few seconds including subtitle searching. One thing you should remind yourself don't rename movies names  eg. "Movie name (2014) 1080p HDRIP" because using movie name you can download right subtitle for movie quickly.

GMT Subtitles - Download Movie Subtitles

GMT Subtitles is a free and simple android app to download subtitles for movies and TV shows. Automatic subtitles download, Multiple language support, subtitle replacement, videos auto detection, or are features of GMT Subtitles.

Alternative Apps

There is no big reason to leave GMT Subtitles, If you looking for similar apps use any of the following.

  1. SubLoader
  2. MightySubs
  3. Get Subtitles

How It works

It starts exploring videos from overall storage and summing it as one list. Once you tap any video from the list, this app promptly detects compatible subtitles using video name and returns corresponding subtitles from and If your phone's storage space running out, directly download movie subtitles using those two sites.

How to use GMT Subtitles

Download and install GMT Subtitles from Google PlayStore. After you launch it will fetch all videos stored on your device. Also it differentiates videos by label with subtitles (If video has subtitle) and without subtitles (If video hasn't subtitle).



Now what you have to do is click video labeled without subtitle. It will suddenly returns matching set of subtitles download which one is suitable to you. Once download completes label will be changed to with subtitle. You can able to replace existing subtitle to another subtitle. Now click play button (at top right corner) to watch movies or videos you've selected.

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