The Easiest Guide to Dumping Database from MySQL

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 Backup is a good feature at all platforms, that are also a shield for bloggers to overcome theirs inconvenience. Whether the site has been hacked, unfortunately deleted database or intend to use live local copy of WordPress. In these cases keeping backup gives a hand to rescue, Without any tension we can obviously turning back to previous state. Backing up and restoring MySQL  databases are not a difficult task as you think, just can do it within few minutes on the go. This guide let you tell how to do it easily in few steps.

Backing up database from MYSQL

In order to open Mysql databases,  you should login to your hosting provider account  then look up for phpMyAdmin, located in cpanel under the databases section. Select phpMyAdmin, this will be loaded to new page choose the database  you would like to export, from left pane database list. image Click on export tab beside the import table it will load shortly. In the export method check the radio button on custom which brings some advance options, select format as sql,  select compression type either zipped, gzipped or if don't want to compress leave it as it is. image In the structure section select all including Add DROP Table -  this will drop table if the table already exist in backup , add if not exist - this functionality will add if some dates not exist in backup , add auto increment value. image Once completed all customization press on go, promptly your browser will ask to download, choose where to save, the download dump file name is exactly in this format name.sql don't change it. Use that file whenever you want to restore your database. Note: I highly recommend you to backup daily or at least weekly once. you have realize only when unfortunately have problem with your site.

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