The Easiest Way to Find IP Address Through Cmd

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 You've certainly heard the term "IP Address" around the Internet or by anyone. An IP (Internet protocol) address is four set of unique binary numbers divided by full stops , it will be assigned when your system connected to the internet. The address can be used to communicate with other computers that are connected to the network. Without help of IP address you can't even checkout your country weather, someone location and etc.. via internet. IP Address is your online identity, which is similar to personal address or phone number. follow this guide to quickly find IP Address with cmd.

Open the Command prompt

In Windows 8, Swipe up curser toward the top or bottom right corner of screen, then press Search icon in charm menu. after that type cmd  into search box and hit enter. cmd will be isolated in search results, select cmd and open. image Alternatively, invoke run command by tapping windows+r keys and then type "cmd" into the text box. Press enter key to open cmd. image Black screen window will pop-up with named Command Prompt

Find IP Address With CMD

In the command prompt, type  ipconfig and hit enter. This will show you active network connection in your computer and their information. image Find the IP Address  in a list of your network connection. image If your system connected to  network by local area network, check for IPv4 Address beneath Local Area Connection. If connected by Wi-Fi check for IPv4 Address beneath Wireless Network.

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