features of android oreo

Notable features of Android Oreo

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Android Oreo roll out for Pixel and Nexus devices, it comes many cool features and improvements. Android developer making customizations for each major updates. Some good features such as battery life improvements, picture in picture mode, persistent notifications, Wi-Fi Aware and etc.

Revamped Look

Android's file manager looking so beautiful with this new skin when compared to previous look. Obviously say no need of third party file explorers. Settings: they designed settings menu simple and straightforward as much as possible. Now which is much easy to navigate and make tweaks.

Boot time 2x faster

As per measurement tested on Google Pixel which announcing Boot time is 2x faster than previous versions Boot time. You may see the difference when doing favourite tasks.

PIP ( Picture-in-Picture )

This is a new feature of android oreo which allows you to watch two apps at the same time. Initially launched for android TV, now this time it came to android handset. Samsung already have this feature on it's customised android ROM before Google.

Redesigned & New Emojis

Introduced 60 new Emojis, resigned as fully cartoonized. Receivers feels the experience of new digital image's face experience.

Background execution limits

Since don't worry of battery draining issue, android may fixed it. Let take an example If an user playing a game while watching YouTube videos on split screen and music player, several apps running in the background will causes apps not responding state. To prevent is problem android system have two ways i) Background service limitations: Allows you to restricts the limit of background services. ii) Broadcast Limitations with few exceptions cannot register for implicit broadcasts.


Now social media logins becomes more easy with this handy feature, which makes you login super fast. This features inherited from chrome browser's format data auto fill concept. You can manage your passwords without any third party applications.


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