How to Find Out a Site's Content Management System

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 Have you ever wonder which CMS (Content Management System), web server a site such as Google, Facebook or your favorable one is using. Probably a site CMS may mentioned anywhere around the site (eg. Footer section). The truth is many sites don't wish to share their CMS detail for several security reasons. You don't need to be a great tech savvy to know that, finding out a specific site's CMS is quite with these online tools. Interested to know what your competitor sites are built with, then these online tools will help. Instead of using any online tools you can know by browsing head element of any site if you have basic understanding of HTML.


Built with is a most famous and powerful tool, that deeply analyze the whole website finally it provides their in-depth and comprehensive information including Web server, hosting provider, Email Services, Frameworks, Nameserver Providers, CMS (Content Management System), CDN (Content Delivery Network) and etc.


Another perfect tool like BuiltWith, it find out site's CMS, Traffic Analysis Tools, Web Server, Advertising Network and more. It also offers bookmarklet for Firefox and chrome browsers, add it to your browser's toolbar for easy access. It also offers technology score based on technology used in the site.


Wappalizer is a open source and browser extension available for both chrome and Firefox. In spite of not using those browsers there is option available to use it as bookmark.


If you wished to know only a site's CMS you may try Whatcms. Using it discover just what the site built with, if offers a simple information about the site how made up of. Not sure it precisely detects CMS but it simply find out major CMS.

CMS Detector

Easily recognize only the Content Management System a website using, otherwise it will not provide any comprehensive information about the site.

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