Best 5 Free and Premium Apps for Backup Android Device

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 Every Android users should have backup all of your information in the devices, Because cannot assure your device always work perfectly. Suppose if your device was lost, whether you are try to install custom Rom or intend to resetting phone you have lost your data. To prevent this Awkward moment take an backup and store it to PC or cloud storage, then backup will be helpful to restore your information. If your device has root permission can also backup a ROM. The best Android apps to backup android device  and restore are shortlisted below.

MyBackup Pro It supports everything in Android devices to backup and easy to restore information that are backed up. Which will not require root permission to backup and restore and work as well as rooted devices. It available on the Google Play store as free and premium version. It stores backup onto SD card or cloud storage based on your selection.


GoBackup Pro This apps works for both rooted and non rooted andriod devices,  but if your devices are rooted can get some extra features in the app. Install the app and backup, once the installation completely it will automatically check for your device is rooted or not. This can app able to backup sms,  Mms, call logs, contacts, WiFi access points and applications then it stores your backup into phone's SD card as well as other app. You can also manually backup specific items depending upon your needs. For non rooted devices must manually install every single applications from the backup.


Titanium backup root One of the top rooting app used by many Android users, your device must be rooted and need superuser permission to start backup. Launch it and navigate to Backup/Restore tab to start backup then Press device menu button then click Backup all user apps + system data if you wanna back everything or press Backup all user apps to backup apps only, restore process is quite easy. There is a choice available to perform Scheduled Backups.


Helium Helium - app sync and backup is great solution to full backup andriod devices for non rooted users. It let you backup and restore from pc, SD card, cloud storage. Initially Install and launch helium Android then download and launch Heliumn Desktop Installer, while you connecting device to computer enable USB debugging mode. Helium app will ask you to connect with pc to enable helium on android. The process is done let simply take backup and restore.


Super backup Super backup is super fast backup and restore tool for Android devices. Which has awesome features such as automatically upload backed up data into Gmail account, able to change backup path of app settings, automatic Backups and much more. Your device must be rooted to backup and restore app's data and perform batch restoration.

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