The Essential Guide to Start Blogging for Absolute Beginners

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 If you're fresher to blogging or want to know what is blogging and how to start it? you might think yes, awesome you are exactly landing to good place. Blogging is a great way to feed readers with quality content, sell material or anything you would like to do. It act as a interface between Bloggers and peoples, to expose their knowledge to world and blog readers getting interesting stuff. Nowadays tons of bloggers are available over the world, you can also start blogging for various reasons like make money, promote your brand, personal blog and more. Are you thinking where to start blogging? Well , It’s pretty easy as much as you think. Here, that’s a start.

Purchase a Domain name for Your blog

Domain name is a domain URL (eg. it may either your name or your business name or product name or commonly used term. I personally recommend you to purchase an domain from Namecheap is a private company, that offering domain name for lower price with good features. Some other popular domain name registrars

Where you purchase and manage your domains.

Purchase an web hosting plan for your website

Before you purchase webhosting you need know kinds of hosting plan

Types of hosting

Free Hosting Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting Collocated Hosting Firstly, you should know about webhosting services is used to provide space for store Your website on server. I highly recommend you to Purchase hosting plan from either Hostgator and Bluehost. Integrate your domain name with web hosting After you purchase. Few recommended Web Hosting companies

Choose blogging platform

Many blogging platform are available to choose such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous, Squarespace and etc.. , even though most of the bloggers & professional bloggers wisely choose WordPress because of free of cost, able use themes manually and etc.. If you think WordPress is better than others don't stop reading.

Install WordPress for your self-hosted blog or site

WordPress is one of the well-famed free and open source software for blogging platform,that allow MySQL and PHP. That provides free and premium extensions and template system. In the internet, there are multiple hosting providers are available for WordPress with One click installation such as Bluehost, hostgator and etc.. You must purchase an hosting to your site for install WordPress otherwise you can’t do it.

Make your First Blog

You should select the niche first you wanna write,know more about your topic. Making own blog is nothing but the way of expressing your thoughts. Make your blog content wisely and then write huge explanation about that. Finally publish on your WordPress blog.


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