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How to hack android games without root access

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We can hack almost all android games on rooted android device quite easily with GAMECIH or using other game hacking apps. But what about unrooted android phone, not all android users have rooting their phone due to ban of OTA updates, afraid of device been bricked, hardest rooting method and etc.. Even if you bought a new smart phone you don't want to root your phone. Do you know you can hack android games without no root access. root your phone just 10 seconds without computer. As you already know vulnerable apps will not available on Google play where by you need to download the hacking app from third party sites.

What do you need to hack android games

First of all, you need to download the game you want hack. Then the hacking app. Other than this you need nothing even aid of computer. Lucky Patcher It is a awesome hack app work with both rooted and non rooted device. Note that you cannot use all features because no root access. It allows you to bypass in app purchase, Remove ad and licence verification, create modded version if custom patches found. If you have this app then you're really lucky.

How to use Lucky Patcher

Step 1: First of all you need to launch the application, inside the app you can see list of installed apps in your device. In this tutorial I'm using highway zombie 2 as a prototype but you try with different games.


Step 2: It will show what are apps have, in this game have In app purchase, licence verification, google ads. Select open menu of Patches. On click it will ask you to create modified apk file. You should opt it. Note that not all apps have same as zombie highway it may vary depends on the app. Suppose game you're using have no in app purchase, patches you can't able hack.

Step 3: On the click it will show you to opt out any of the four options.

  • Apk Without Licence Verification
  • Apk Without Google Ads
  • Apk rebuild for InApp and LVL emulation
  • Apk with changed permissions and Activities

Select Apk rebuild for InApp and LVL emulation option. In the next screen select Rebuilt The App. After you done all selection it will create a new app for you. Few minutes or seconds the app will take to complete full pathing. Once it created a exact copy of game you can replace the old version by new version. The newly created games is a patched game app, whereby you can make purchase buy unlimited coins, ammo, Life etc..

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