How to use GameCIH to Hack Android Games

 Are you a Passionate Gamer or probably spending lots of time for getting decent scores or win a mission. Almost everybody love to play games since our childhood, i think so game haters not in this nifty world. However, sometimes getting high scores could be tiny annoying due to game's difficult stage and time-consuming. Let change the gaming state with doing something tricky. Are you wish to know? it is fairly simple to carry out by an app called GAMECIH that mainly changes game's values with some techniques. Start reading that absolutely easy tutorial to hack Android games now.


Know about GameCIH

GameCIH GameCIH is a hacking tool, that let you allow to change the game score, coins, money, keys and etc. I'm cannot assure it will hack all games but it simply hacks almost all android games. It does efficient JOB in spite of non frequent updates from app's developer to this app. Download GameCIH from official website instead of wasting time for finding on Google Play Store because this is not on there.


  • Rooted device
  • GameCIH

Note: In this guide I used NinJump as a sample it does not mean able to bypass that game only, you will try with different games.

Hack almost any games

Before you start make sure that your device have rooted properly, if not Root your Android Device in 10 Seconds through my past article. Once you have completed all requirements, install and launch GameCIH, it promptly ask you for grant root access press Grant. Unless root access can't do a hack by this way. On next screen you can see GameCIH home screen, i used Hot-Key as Menu button you will choose different depending upon your like. GameCIH This Hot-key is used to invoke GameCIH app while playing game then it will appear. This app should be active while you playing otherwise you can't cheat. Now start play game you would like to hack, a bit later pause it and take a note of current your score then import GameCIH app by taping Hot-key [I chose menu button as Hot-key ] the screen will pop up with few options let click on Input number which brings text box to enter your current value (score) inside this and tap OK. GameCIH It will do a search, next shows a list of values that are relevant to score, you can able to see your score if not there hit + key and back option here after keep play mainly for make changes on game score, again pause the game press Hot-key you will see your current scores click on the result. Enter desired scores click Modify, you're done. Now it will implicitly edit your score itself.  

Updated: How to hack android games without root access

Whoo... Score has changed. GameCIH Now you will try cheating almost all android with doing nothing. Don't forget to let me know your thoughts.

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    Jose Frank Aracena Baret

    What's the link of the app

    5th August 2016 20:29:20
  • Image
    Menon Jats Jose Frank Aracena Baret

    hello josh, use this link

    6th August 2016 10:32:11
  • Image

    How can I hack V live

    24th July 2016 23:09:10
  • Image
    vikas kumar

    can i hack clash of clans??

    7th January 2016 02:45:49
  • Image
    Menon Jats vikas kumar

    Clash of clans is a multi player online game and it stores some game data to its server. Generally, GameCIH modifies data stored on the local device whereby you can’t hack clash of clans using GameCIH.

    9th January 2016 17:18:49
  • Image
    bobby Menon Jats vikas kumar

    Did you mean gamecih can not work on clash of clans

    23rd November 2016 00:03:51
  • Image
    Menon Jats bobby Menon Jats vikas kumar

    You're right

    24th November 2016 11:41:32
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    download psx games

    thanks for sharing this apps. i use gameCIH for hack mario parody :D

    20th December 2015 06:27:57
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    Pinky Luigi

    Follow this link to the website where you can find many working game hacks, i tried all and they are safe.

    24th November 2015 00:14:43
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    Hi it says that system denies root but I am rotted???? I need help please!!!

    4th October 2015 11:28:43
  • Image
    Menon Jats Sebas

    Hi sebas, you should grant super user permission for GameCIH app

    4th October 2015 16:13:59
  • Image

    It doesn't work A last of games because they change name and change value for gold score etc. Is there any app for a new system?

    29th September 2015 14:20:54
  • Image

    System deny to root is what I get. Please I need help.

    12th September 2015 21:33:46
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    Andreas Scarpino

    I am coming to my topic that is how to hack android games lets start Here step by step procedure to hack any android games which you want using gamecih application. Follow these simple steps carefully.

    5th September 2015 02:01:04
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    Swarnaditya Singh

    This is nice app now my coins are of maximum

    14th August 2015 15:44:31
  • Image
    Menon Jats Swarnaditya Singh

    I completely agree, it is a great app ever.

    15th August 2015 10:41:45
  • Image

    Whenever I try to set a hotkey, no matter what button it is, it just exits out.

    22nd July 2015 02:50:00
  • Image
    not a real

    gamecih has been dead for a few years unless you have a device below 4.2 then it may work

    14th January 2015 09:52:11
  • Image

    My device is rooted and i have granted the access to Gamecih but it says that system deny to root....what do i do dammit.

    3rd December 2014 22:39:50
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    britt paul


    13th January 2015 01:22:42
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