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How to hack WIFI from Android without root

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You may heard that hacking a wifi password is possible using Backtrack operating system, It can able to hack password from WPA2-PSK encryption also using dictionary attack. But in android phones it may take too much time depending upon password strength. One thing to remember is bunch of fake and malicious apps available inside and outside of play store, therefore which may harm your device.


Real intention of this article is to identify, specifically whether your Access Point vulnerable to hackers. Anyway, still a better way available to hack wifi protection. The magic app name is Wifi Wps Wpa Tester. This app uses four algorithms to calculate the PIN such as Zhao,TrendNet,Dlink,Arris.

Pros & Cons

  • This app available for free
  • No root needed
  • Lite weight
  • Didn't drain battery
  • It only works on wpa encryption , won't hack wpa2-psk.
  • Clear UI
  • It will not hack all WPA, but it works awesome.
  • It contains ads

How to hack WIFI

First of all install Wpa Wps Tester from play store. Note that it requires root permission if your device OS version is lesser than lollipop. Lollipop or newer versions can able use this app without root access. This app will not show the password just does hack unless you've root permission.


#1: Initiate the WIFI WPS/WPA TESTER and click the refresh icon if WiFi not enabled already it will ask you to enable it. Then it will render the WIFI around you.


#2: Network with green signal means you can it. Red means WPS enabled so you won't hack. Sometimes green signal also fails to work. Select green signal network it will take you to new screen. Tap CONNECT AUTOMATIC PIN, it starts algorithms and does magic. As a result you will be connected to the selected network.


#3: Eventually you hacked the WIFI without root permission.


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