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How to Refresh firefox

Firefox, 39 secs Read, 2 years ago

Are facing problem with firefox? Reset could help is the first remedy everybody tell, even firefox. If you noticed your browser settings has changed or tired of adware restoring firefox may solve many problems without deleting your essential settings.

Refresh Mozilla Firefox

1) Click hamburger icon from Upper right corner of the browser, from the menu list click Open Help Menu option.


2) In the help menu, select Troubleshooting Information. Or directly paste the about:support in the address bar.


3) Click on the Refresh Firefox under Give Firefox a tune up title, then choose Refresh Firefox on Pop-Up. 4) Firefox closes it self, and does everything on behind the scenes. 5) Once process done, browser will auto start. You can see the "Old Firefox Data" in desktop. Use it to import your old information if you need.

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