How to Update Facebook status by Tweeting on Twitter

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Are you a fan of twitter or want to share your every single tweet on Facebook wall automatically. Copy and pasting each tweets you sent is not a smart way. You don't have to copy and paste but your tweet should be posted on Facebook when you tweet on twitter. If the above process done by twitter and without using any third-party application, it is really pretty cool. You can let twitter send your each tweets automatically after you connecting your Facebook profile with twitter. You must login to twitter account. Choose which profile or fan page you want to give access to twitter for sharing post on Facebook wall. Then you need to authorize twitter for writing on your Facebook wall with your permission. By agreeing, twitter will get few basic information about you such name, birthday, email address.

Update Facebook status via Twitter

First login to your twitter account. After successfully logging into twitter dashboard click your thumbnail size profile picture from right upper side of header (in Desktop view). It open as drop down containing information about your account. Click setting to open all settings. From left side panel, click apps to manage all authorized apps by you.

update facebook status

Above all authorized apps you can see that option "connect to Facebook". Click that option, on click it open in new window. update facebook status

It ask you to connect to Facebook profile. Login into Facebook make sure that simply select okay button if you want post on your profile page otherwise choose page you manage. You can disconnect that connected account anytime or connect with different profile or fan page.

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