North Korea reportedly hacks $25K worth of Monero (cryptocurrency)

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North Korean group called andariel steals 70 Monero coins at a south Korean company in summer of 2017, analysed by hacking analysis team of south Korean government-backed institute. The Stolen money worth $25,000 when was the theft happened. This news passed by a hacking analyst Kwak Kyoung-ju to media. He believing that andariel group collapsed the mining Where by recipients hard to analyse the transactions.

Andariel Group

It seems North Korean hackers interested in stealing cash. South Korea economy, army and population are greater north Korea, some reports says that almost 80% south Korean have access to Internet where as north Korean less than 1%.

According to the report by South Korean government’s Financial Security Institute, andariel targeting south Korean businesses and government agencies.


U.S government has officially blamed North Korea for Wannacry ransomware cyber attacks that massive attack affected the whole world on 2017. This ransomware demanded $300 dollars to release the locked files affected by malware. North Korea have completely denied any roles in cyber attacks.

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