How to Protect Wordpress Themes or Plugins from Being Stolen

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 WordPress is the one of the best open source content management system, this is a secure platform even though hackers may try to access your personal information, plugins, Themes using some techniques. They're may browse and copy your plugins or Themes via browsing uploads folder. Security is very essential for every websites, securing is not a easiest task as you thing. In this tutorial I gonna be explaining how to protect WordPress themes or plugins. You can protect your files by using either with plugin or without plugin method.

With plugin

If you're newbie to WordPress or not familiar with FTP Server, this guide is absolutely for you. Whether you having some basic knowledge about editing and uploading ftp server you can skip to next technique. image This is a simple security plugin called Secure Folder wp-content/uploads to Prevent anonymous users accessing your uploads folder. Let's login to WordPress dashboard and click on plugins then install and activate by finding. On this plugin page which says “your wp-content/uploads folder are open” then select secure folder. It will begin to protect your file from anonymous browsing and downloading.

Without plugin

First of all, Create a text file rename it to exact that name index.php then upload it to this folder /wp-content/uploads/ you're done. When somebody visit those page which only show blank page. If you're not interested in showing empty page to peoples who are browsing illegally you can try rather different, redirect to your home  page or another page. To do that Add this small code into index.php file already created. Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); Header( "Location: " ); ?> Replace the with your domain name. The above code will permanently redirect to homepage. Now you're free because of your plugins and themes are very safe.

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