5 Apps to Recover Deleted Files on Android without Computer

 You must come across the situation that accidentally deleted certain crucial files or document from your mobile phone. Probably you choose PC when you need to recover deleted files. But smart phone also do it as well as desktop. Nowadays smart phone are almost equal to computer. These days android apps available for everything, Google's apps repository having many recovery based apps with easy to use feature. Some apps offers a best chance to recover deleted files easily with your phones.

Undeleter for Root Users

This app able to recover any kind of deleted files such as photos, videos, documents and etc.. It supports the recovery of lost files from both internal and external partitions. Once the recovery completed you can directly upload it to cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Particularly this app need permission to go ahead recovery process, if your device is not rooted then read also - How to Root or Unroot Android Using Framaroot in 10 Seconds.


Dumpster Image & Video Restore

Don't panic, Dumpster don't even need for root access and internet connection to recover deleted files. It offers ability to recover almost all common formats including images, videos, audio, PDF, ZIP, mp3, mp4, PPT, doc, AVI, mpg, JPG, RAR. Dumpster supports to back up files directly to some cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive).

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a free android app available on Google play store, capable of restoring deleted files such as images, videos etc.. Unlike other apps makes it different on feature, can able to restore Sim card and SD card.

DiskDigger undelete (root)

Another app to recover lost files, but it feature restricted to non rooted devices, DiskDigger need root permission to use this app. Try pro version to recover many file formats. This powerful tool first available on Windows users download from here, still in beta version for android.

Hexamob Recovery Lite

Hexamob works Only on devices that already rooted, because of it requires access to data blocks. It supports many file formats while restoring. Unlock many feature from its pro version.  

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    I am lost my rec and pic from my mo samsung core plz how i can recover it plz suggest me

    1st October 2016 16:13:58
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    can sm1 suggest the app via which i can recover photos from phone memory??

    22nd September 2016 19:07:51
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    Hi I am using yureka phone suddenly my was I reset my phone all photos and contacts was erased can you tell me how to recover my photos.. My phone is unroofed plzzzzzzz tell me. Important contacts and photos will be there in my device I am crying

    17th September 2016 17:35:35
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    crazy downloader

    Although there are lots of software available in the internet claiming to recover the deleted files from android smart phone's internal memory. But non is 100% successful without ROOT. Unless the cellphone is rooted, no any software will recover the deleted files from the android phone completely, because it requires the superuser permission for in-depth scan and identify the deleted files. But rooting the cellphone will VOID the warranty and venerable to brick the software itself. Also, the trial version of the software won't be able to save the recovered files. So, any genius suggestion for the perfect working software for the android (without root), is highly appreciated by heart.

    10th September 2016 04:33:12
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    Pls tell me how I get back my deleted photos

    9th September 2016 06:03:09
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    Dhananjay amrutha

    Download Disk digger photo revovery app to restore your photod

    18th September 2016 04:13:07
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    My photos and videos done files are deleted from office suite how cani get back

    9th September 2016 06:02:09
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    i have recovered a video but it is unable to play. is there any way to make to playable? please help me it is very important to me.

    3rd September 2016 04:45:43
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    I lost my data from applock app when i updated that app. Can i recover. Those photos and videos. Pls. Tell the suitable app for my device honor 4c

    22nd August 2016 00:43:55
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    Lydia Prewitt

    I accidentally deleted a video I recorded at The Big Texan in Amarillo TX. Can I retrieve it without a pc? Please help

    23rd July 2016 22:07:26
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    Thanks for sharing such a useful information about the product. However for me, I used a great tool to recover my all deleted data: file, music, photo..etc. It's called Advanced Disk Recovery , you should try it

    19th July 2016 12:55:27
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    Hemant bhamare

    I delete my data files from USB when join with lava iris x1 mobile by mistake . How i can recover it? And also main problem is pc not recognized this USB drive.

    25th June 2016 13:57:09
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    I used Gihosoft Free Android Recovery. This tool helped me recover deleted files from my Samsung Galaxy S6.

    24th June 2016 02:41:01
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    Which app is best to recover pictures that were deleted?

    7th May 2016 10:37:07
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    Ayush verma

    I deleted some .obb files. Which app is best for recovering them.

    3rd April 2016 23:52:23
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    Alfredggg Ayush verma

    Watch some tutorial is helpful.

    27th April 2016 06:26:49
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    Alfredggg Alfredggg Ayush verma

    I don't whether it can restore the .obb files, but I see it provides several file formats to recover. It seems call ed FonePaw Android Data Recovery. You can google it as well.

    27th April 2016 09:05:29
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    mayinjune Alfredggg Alfredggg Ayush verma

    Nice! Thank you, it can recover my deleted phone number, helps me a lot!

    4th July 2016 02:51:58
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    Menon Jats mayinjune Alfredggg Alfredggg Ayush verma


    5th July 2016 04:33:57
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    sujay jain

    How to recover data (spreadsheet in my case) from non rooted android devices

    24th October 2015 10:27:25
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    Menon Jats sujay jain

    Hi sujay, Not only spreadsheet you can recover many file types. Try this EaseUSData Recovery Wizard

    24th October 2015 16:16:09
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