Reduce Image File Size Without Affecting on Quality in WordPress

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 Do you know more plug-ins and high quality images will spoil site speed, cannot assure every bloggers are using better content delivery network (CDN) too. Many bloggers only focus on writing quality articles and not on optimizing images and miscellaneous essential things. Readers probably loves the site which are having attractive designing, nice page speed, great articles. If you want to boost up your site's pages to load faster cut the image size first. Reducing image file size is not time-consuming, many plugins, tools and online services out there to do it. You may love to upload better quality images on your site. Don't worry many ways available to compress images without affecting on quality. So quality of image file remains better.


An awesome plugin you will not want to miss it. This plugin helps to cut the image size with one click. By using this able to do bulk compression for images. It will compress images automatically when upload new images, existing images too.

EWWW Image Optimizer

Another great plugin for image optimization, that works well. Options available to bulk optimizing the images in few minutes. Which uses some good algorithms, by which, after the optimization process image quality will not reduce. It automatically does compression for newly and early uploaded images.


It maintains quality on images after the compression. Good feature of imsanity is bulk resize the existing images. This is a free plugin in the WordPress plugin directory and quite easy to use.

Web Applications to Reduce Image File Size

Cannot say every body want to use plugins, for those many online tools available to go head. Whenever you install plugin, don't forget your storage size increasing. I don't say to install plugin keep it as enough if you're really take care of site speed.

Yahoo !™

Amazing tool to optimize images without losing their quality. Can upload many image file to Smush that.

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