How to Rename WordPress Admin Login Url in minutes

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Intelligent persons are increasing day by day over the world, some of those may be hackers. We all are well aware of hackers and we try protect our sites from them. Even big brands are also caught on their trap. Security is the major part of any online brand and biggest lesson ever too. Then why you are taking less security for your WordPress site. This article based on my past article Limit brute force login attempts in WordPress site. Several security experts recommend to make advance protection by changing WordPress admin login URL. This is a first step for everyone, even your friend can guess your password if he/she know your WordPress admin URL and username. Don't be happy because of your WordPress admin username is well protected, you're wrong. Anybody can know your username.

Install Rename wp-login.php

First of all, login to your self hosted WordPress site via admin login and then navigate to Plugins » Add New Or here is the direct download page for the plugin called Rename wp-login.php. Once you have done the installation, you will redirected to the settings page. In login URL section change the slug with anything you want. By default, slug is login, if you think it is easily recognizable for anonymous you can change admin login URL not able to predicted. The core purpose of this plugin is to change the following URLs inaccessible that are wp-login.php or wp-admin. This plugin's admin guaranteed that it doesn't rewrite any files. According to plugin repository it is not updated since last two years and may doesn't work properly with few plugins. One thing that I had noticed after installed this plugin is attention message from W3 Total Cache, it ask for add the new login URL not to cache. I have double checked this plugin with my plugins collection, exactly it won't misbehave since I've last installed. If you would like to plugin updated then ask to update from plugin's author right here.

Alternative Plugins to Rename WordPress admin Url

If you're facing any problems with rename wp-login.php then share your thoughts with us.

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