How to see your Saved Wi-Fi Password on Windows OS

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Do you often forget your saved Wi-Fi password like me, then you must know how to retrieve it in easy way. There can be many reasons to know your password, you face many chances of your friend asking the router password, or you may want when you go the friend's home. Ensure that you have admin rights on the computer. By default Windows have allows to find the password for the connected routers, where you don't need to install extra applications.


Method #1: View Password of Connected Wi-Fi via CMD

This method will take less than a minutes, Open Windows search from your taskbar and type "command prompt" in the result right click and "Run as administrator".


Paste the following into Cmd

netsh wlan show profiles


This command list out the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to. All the profile listing with their corresponding SSID name.


Put the next command

netsh wlan show profile name=”Profile-Name” key=clear


Replace the Profile-Name with the desired network you want know the password. Under the security settings the value of key content is your forgotten password. Watch screen shot for better understanding.




Method #2: Network and Sharing Centre


1) In the windows taskbar, right click above the WI-FI icon to open network and Sharing Centre, luckily this option works on windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. On that opened window active networks will be listed under "View your active networks".


2) Click your WI-FI from connections list, it will bring up WI-FI Status window, then select Wireless Properties button to view the properties corresponding to your connected network.




3) Upon the selection of Wireless Properties button, this will show you new window. Switch to security tab and look for Network security key textbox, by default this input box masked with bullets. Click the show characters to reveal hidden password. Cheers, now you have found your forgotten password.



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