How to Send Blank Message on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp introducing many features marginally as a most famous chatting application. Do you ever tried sending blank message on WhatsApp, Facebook or other social networks using space bar. You may want to impress your using this trick, unfortunately WhatsApp didn't allow you to send empty message. What if we explore tiny good feature for having fun moment. Possibly two ways to send Blank message on WhatsApp.


#1 Using third-party app

Open Play Store and type "Blank Message (for WhatsApp)" on search bar, download and install it




Open the installed app in your phone.


On the app screen you can see two buttons. Clipboard: This option will do copy the Magic invisible character into your phone clipboard. You can manually send Blank message by pasting the copied text.


Or tap the "Send" button to directly post empty string on WhatsApp chat.


In addition, you can generate up to 10k characters or rows of empty characters using app feature.


#2 Copy and Paste:

Blank Character This method doesn't need any party application but your copy.

This is a blank character  -> [ ]

You need to simply copy the hidden string between the square bracket but you cannot see those blank character. Just copy and paste to your desired WhatsApp chat. You can also set blank temporary and static status using this copied string.

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