Top 5 Services to shorten link quickly

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URL - an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, in fact the URL shortening services most probably used for save space (limit count of words). when you post any status on some social media, which have some specific character limit like twitter. We can easily avoid making this type of problem by using URL shortening technique. URL shortening services that allows your desired long url and get a new shorter link from url shortened. If your URL is too or somewhat long you can try the following URL shortened services to shrink your http string. If you wanna  shorten link urls use this list of 5 recommended URL services.

1. - shorten link

Google started a URL shortening service in 2010. URL shortener maintains a history of all your shortened links & track the number clicks for recently you created links. All of your generated tiny URLs and their click statistics may always viewed publicly by anyone without your permission, If you're not interested to everyone see your created links you can hide that from your dashboard.

2. Bitly is the best url shortening and bookmarking service was started in 2008 by Bitly, Inc. According to Wikipedia shortens 1 million links per month. after one year later it become very famous URL shortening on twitter. As of 2012, it added analytic features that checks your link. It keeps track of your Link's clicks and shares. URL shortener will auto shrink your long desired URL, and then set the short one up as a redirect.

3. is one of the url shortening service and fastest url shortener service.there are no need to signup,or account creation.just goto and put your lengthy url in the text box,then hit the shorten below the text box field to get compressed url

4. SnipURL

SnipURL is the well-known website to edit large url. You need to set up an account If you wanna keep track of your snipped URLS, and you can also see another user’s snips.

5. Tinyurl

The tinyurl was launched by Kevin Gilbertson in first month of 2002 to shorten huge url into tiny url. tinyurl is also enables browser toolbar. You can use it without Registration.

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