How to Unroot Android Completely

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These days rooting becomes essential cause of more advanced features apps requires root permission. Nowadays rooting is quite easy although same rooting method not applicable for all android phones. After rooting, it may bit frustrating when cannot get any latest firmware updates. You can only get failure message if try to upgrade with rooted phone. Therefore you need to neglect those updates unless unroot android phone. To go back to stock firmware you have unroot your device. Unrooting is a reverse process of rooting, it will bring back your phone's warranty. It is considerably easiest way to unroot as far as I know. once all process done, you will have to root at anytime. In Samsung devices possibility available to read your ROM history how many times you installed ROM via flash counter. To flush that data or change it to '0' you have to use an app called [root] Triangle Away.

Unroot Android Completely

  • You should download and install SuperSU app if haven't already.

unroot android 1

  • Open SuperSU app and navigate to settings tab. Scroll down to cleanup section and tap full unroot afterwards it brings up a confirmation message press continue.

unroot android 2  

  • Reboot an devices to changes takes a proper effect, then uninstall SuperSU app

Check your device properly unrooted using root checking app, you will get many suggestion on playstore.

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