Effective Android App to Upgrade Your Smartphone Battery Life

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 In this modern generation, Cannot even imagine life without smart phones and computers. Smart phones would become must have one for every person. Biggest obstruction of interaction between you and your phone is low battery power. Predominantly depending on phone preference and installed apps usage smartphone phone battery life will differ. Have ever want to upgrade your smartphone battery life or even tried anything to boost up. You need to configure few basic steps to reduce battery power consumption prominently reduce brightness, shorten sleep time, enable power saving mode, remove unnecessary widgets. some widgets will update periodically. Additionally you can do something with your device. Android OS offers an ability to check how many apps are draining your battery. To check this, navigate to settings » general » battery ( It may differ depending on ROM you have). It will show a list of apps that are draining your battery.

Download and Install Greenify

Greenify is a best power saving app, allows you to hibernates certain apps running on background. In fact force stops the background apps. It will work on both non rooted and rooted phones. Download and install it, once finished installation process open the app. If your device has already rooted ( if not, read also - How to Root or Unroot Android in 10 Seconds), this app immediately ask you to grant root permission. It will auto select app mode depending upon your action, Grant for root mode or deny for non-root mode. You can change this option anytime in experimental feature.

Automatically Hibernate Background Apps

Initially click the plus button from right corner of the app, app analyzer screen will appear with certain module. Running in background section shows a list of running apps in background. Exactly those apps are eating your battery charge. Next you have to do is pick the apps you want to hibernate and press Z button on bottom of screen.

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