Wanna Cry cyber attack demanding $300, protect yourself

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Wanna Cry is a ransomware designed to block access to computers ( Microsoft Windows ) and demands $300 via Bitcoin to unlock the contents. This malicious program was launched on 12 May 2017, it's been affected more than 2 lakh computers over 150 countries. Even any firewalls and anti-virus cannot able to prevent this program that is why it spreading so fast. This ransomware inherited vulnerability from leaked U.S National Security Agency (NSA) documents to infection windows operating system.

How Wanna Cry does work?

This ransomware spreading via social engineering, when you accidentally installing this malicious app it will not activated immediately. It waits for gathering information from its server to activate itself. Once got it starts encrypting the files exists in computer. After that it ask for money to unblock it otherwise threatens to delete all contents.

How to protect yourself

Microsoft released the patch for supported and unsupported windows versions, not applying security updates may left system infected. Additionally take backup of your sensitive informations to cloud or external hard disk. This attacks installing malicious software through website, unsolicited mails. But there is not guarantee for your contents even if a ransom paid, so keep in mind.


Few researchers found some solutions, MalwareTech discovered that wanna cry looking for a domain name that actually doesn't exist then it starts encrypting files. Where by MalwareTech bought the domain name for $10.69 this technique slow down the ransomware. It just a temporary fix.

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