WhatsApp deadly suicide game Momo after Blue Whale and Slenderman

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Another viral suicide game called "Momo" killed kids after Blue Whale and Slenderman. 12 year old Argentina girl hanging on a tree of her family's backyard was a suicide according to the police investigation. She reportedly film her series of challenges prior to suicide. Authorities suspecting that she was motivated to kill herself by someone through the horror game Momo. Based on newspaper reports police are investigating suspect who believed to met her on social media.


Momo challenge ask the kids to follow challenges and dare them using sinister images on WhatsApp, eventually motivate them to commit suicide.

Origin of Momo?


Japanese special effects company Link factory designed sculpture as half woman body and animal body with additional spooky features such as eye pop out, disturbing smile and short nose. This momo artwork initially named as Mother Bird displayed on Tokyo’s horror art Vanilla Gallery.


Momo artwork picture spread on internet and became associated with Momo challenge. In fact no correlation between Link factory and Momo challenge, it was inherited to threaten kids by Momo challenge.

What is Momo suicide Challenge ?


On WhatsApp messenger victim will get messages from unknown numbers with creepy Momo face as DP, asked to add the contact as Momo. Then Momo will start sending task and curse peoples who don't respond her messages. During Momo challenge users will threatened to follow tasks and hurting themselves. Users who interact with momo will get disturbing images, audio and videos. Once the get access to your personal information it will ask to commit suicide.


I'm not sure it reached India, it may come on India because India have most population and vast internet users. Parents should watch their kids WhatsApp conversation and social media activities, once you found anything terrifying let's inform to police department.

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