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Why WhatsApp was temporarily down across the World

WhatsApp, 47 secs Read, 2 years ago

Suddenly WhatApp service crashed across the globe on 3rd November 2017. More than one billion users are now using WhatsApp everyday, can't even imagine without WhatsApp. This service has been suspended for a few minutes in the last three months, including minute service. That is why the #Whatsappdown hash tag for social media sites has become a trend.


This trend is being made today in India, Pakistan, Britain, Germany and around the world. Similarly, on 31 August 2017, the WhatsApp service was provisionally suspended in Europe, Mexico and Brazil. When Asked to a journalist from Facebook in Singapore, he said the WhatsApp service was temporarily blocked and did not investigate. But actually due to the server crash it lead to temporary outage. In such a scenario, WhatsApp decided to introduce a digital payment service via UPI (Unified Payments Interface) in India like Tez. It is said that WhatsApp to launch a service and will introduce a UPI payments in December.

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